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You're welcome to browse our entire Repertoire performed during the past 37 years.

Composer Work Performed
Composer Work Performed
Copland, A.In the Beginning (Hayes)1990-04-01
Britten, BenjaminRejoice in the Lamb1990-04-01, 2008-03-01
Brahms, JohannesSchaffe in Mir Gott (Hayes)1990-04-01
Brahms, JohannesMotet from Psalm 111990-04-01
Verdi, GiuseppeMessa da Requiem1990-10-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphMass in G Minor1991-02-01, 1999-05-01
Tomkins, T.O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem1991-02-01
Purcell, HenryIn These Delightful Pleasant Groves (Chamber Choir)1991-02-01
Morley, T.April is in My Mistress' Face (Chamber Choir)1991-02-01, 2002-05-01
Howells, H.O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem1991-02-01, 2001-05-01
d’Indy, V.Lady of Loveliest Eyes (Chamber Choir)1991-02-01
Britten, BenjaminHymn to Saint Cecelia1991-02-01, 1998-11-01, 1999-03-01
Mozart, W.A.Vesperae Solennes de Confessore (Solemn Vespers)1991-04-01, 2005-03-01, 1980-11-01
Bach, J.S.Magnificat in D Major1991-04-01, 2014-07-26
Stokes, Lorenz, Shur,Variations On A Theme From Kindergarten1991-09-01
Stokes, E.Mermaids Stand by the King of the Sea (Variations)1991-09-01
Shur, B.Four Stories (Variations)1991-09-01
Lorenz, R.Sit Still (Variations)1991-09-01
Schuman, WilliamPrelude for Voices1991-11-01
Paine, J.Dona Nobis Pacem1991-11-01
Mechem, K.He's Gone Away (Chamber Choir)1991-11-01
Larsen, L.She's Like a Swallow (Chamber Choir)1991-11-01, 2006-05-01
Copland, A.The Promise of Living1991-11-01, 1996-05-01, 2005-11-01
Barber, S.Prayers of Kierkegaard1991-11-01, 2006-03-01, 1985-05-01
Bach, J.S.Mass in B Minor1992-04-01
Shostakovich, D.Silent Guns (Op. 88)1992-11-01, 1995-11-01
Schubert, F.Des Tages Weihe1992-11-01, 2000-05-01
Petrov, A.Final Chorus from Peter the Great1992-11-01
Nikolsky, A.Svete Tihiy1992-11-01
Mozart, W.A.Veni Sancte Spiritus (from Requiem)1992-11-01, 1998-11-01
Kodály, ZoltanMatra Pictures1992-11-01, 1994-11-01
Haydn, F.J.Abendlied zu Gott1992-11-01, 2006-11-01
Gretchaninov, A.Svete Tihiy1992-11-01
Brahms, JohannesLiebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 52, Nos. 8 & 91992-11-01
Ives, C.Psalm 901993-03-01, 1987-11-01
Mozart, W.A.Mass in C Minor, K. 427 (“The Grand”)1993-03-01, 1982-11-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphTo the Ploughboy (Chamber Singers/Women)1993-05-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphEarly in the Spring (Chamber Singers/Women)1993-05-01
Stokes, E.Inversnaid1993-05-01, 1995-05-01, 2000-05-01
Orff, C.Selections from Catulli Carmina1993-05-01
McCray, J.Rise Up, My Love1993-05-01
Britten, BenjaminDances from Gloriana (Time, Concord, Time and Concord, Country Girls, Rustics and Fishermen, Final Dance of Homage)1993-05-01, 1995-05-01
Argento, D.Gloria (from the Masque of Angels)1993-05-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphDona Nobis Pacem1993-11-01, 2012-05-05
Mendelssohn, FelixHeilig, Heilig1993-11-01, 2000-11-01
Verdi, GiuseppeVa, Pensiero (Chorus of Hebrew Slaves)1993-11-01, 1997-05-01, 2004-11-01
Ravel, M.Pavane for a Dead Princess1994-05-01, 1998-05-01
Brahms, JohannesMotet from Psalm 511993-11-01, 1995-11-01
Poulenc, F.Mass in G Major1994-05-01, 1989-04-01
Offenbach, J.Neighbors' Chorus from “ La Jolie Parfumeuse”1994-05-01
Janequin, C.Le Chant des Oiseaux (Song of the Birds)1994-05-01, 1996-05-01, 2006-05-01
Fauré, G.Cantique de Jean Racine1994-05-01, 2000-05-01
Theodorakis, M.Los Libertadores (from Canto General)1994-11-01, 1996-11-01, 2003-11-01
Seiber, M.Four Yugoslav Folksongs (Unfaithful Lover, Handsome Mirko, Heaven Above, Hussars)1994-11-01, 1999-11-01
Piazzolla, A.Histoire du Tango1994-11-01
Persichetti, V.Songs of Peace1994-11-01
Brahms, JohannesLiebeslieder Waltzes (#3,4,5,7,8)1994-11-01
Barber, S.Reincarnations (Mary Hynes/Anthony O-Daly/The Coolin’1994-11-01
Handel, George FridericSaul1995-03-01, 1984-11-01
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, (arr.)The Turtle Dove (Chamber)1995-05-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphSweet Day (Chamber)1995-05-01
Rutter, J., (arr.)Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron (Chamber)1995-05-01
Hobbs, J.W.Phyllis is My Only Joy (Chamber)1995-05-01
Marenzio, L.Spring Returns (Chamber)1995-05-01, 1999-05-01
Gretchaninov, A.Missa Festiva (Festival Mass)1995-05-01, 1986-11-01
Brahms, JohannesO Schöne Nacht1995-05-01, 1998-11-01, 1988-11-01
Barnett, C.The King of Yellow Butterflies1995-05-01, 2005-05-01
Alfven, H.Evening1995-05-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphFive Mystical Songs1995-11-01, 1984-05-01
Shostakovich, D.One of Many1995-11-01
Mozart, W.A.Regina Coeli Laetare (Queen of Heaven Rejoice) K.2761995-11-01, 2002-11-01
Haydn, F.J.Awake the Harp (from Creation)1995-11-01
Bruch, M.Kol Nidrei (All Vows)1995-11-01
Barber, S.Adagio for Strings (op. 11)1995-11-01
Haydn, F.J.The Creation1996-03-01
Ward, S.A.America the Beautiful1996-05-01
Stanford, C.V.The Blue Bird1996-05-01, 2000-05-01, 2008-05-01
Stanford, C.V.Coelos Ascendit1996-05-01
Stanford, C.V.Beati Quorum Via1996-05-01, 2000-05-01
Soler, Padre A.Concerto in D Major1996-05-01
Pooler, M., (arr. Shaker Song)Simple Gifts (Chamber Singers)1996-05-01
Monk, W.Abide with Me1996-05-01
James, D., (arr. English Folksong)Bushes and Briars (Chamber)1996-05-01
Dawson, William, (arr.)Ezekiel Saw de Wheel1996-05-01
Holst, Gustav, (arr. Welsh Folksong)My Sweetheart's Like Venus (Chamber)1996-05-01
Copland, A.Las Agachadas (Shake-down Song)1996-05-01
Chorbagian, J.Mirage1996-05-01
Blanco, JConcerto in G Major1996-05-01
Barnett, C., (arr. Spiritual)Deep River1996-05-01
Preus, M., (arr.)Swedish Folk Medley1996-11-01
Parra, V.Gracias a la Vida1996-11-01
Mendelssohn, FelixHelp Lord! (from Elijah)1996-11-01
Mendelssohn, FelixHe Watching Over Israel (from Elijah)1996-11-01, 2000-11-01
Mendelssohn, FelixAm Neujahrstage (New Year's Day)1996-11-01, 2004-11-01
Khoza, B.South African Songs1996-11-01
Howells, H.Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing1996-11-01, 2007-11-01, 1986-11-01
Gutierrez, P.Alma Llanera (Soul of the Plains)1996-11-01
Holst, GustavFestival Te Deum1996-11-01
Favero, A.Te Quiero (I Adore You)1996-11-01
Estevez, A.Mata del Anima Sola (Tree of the Lonely Soul)1996-11-01
Dvořák, A.Tui Nati (Born of You)1996-11-01
Dvořák, A.Stabat Mater1997-03-01, 2004-03-01
Biebl, F.Ave Maria1996-11-01
Schubert, F.Tantum Ergo1997-05-01
Schubert, F.Seligkeit1997-05-01
Schubert, F.Frühlingsglaube1997-05-01, 2000-05-01
Rossini, G.Quando Corpus Morietur1997-05-01
Raminsh, I.Ave Verum Corpus1997-05-01
Petker, A.Springtide is Come1997-05-01, 2006-05-01
Porterfield, S.When Soft Voices Die1997-05-01
Jennings, C.Spring Has Come1997-05-01
Mascagni, P.Song of Spring (from Cavalleria Rusticana)1997-05-01, 2000-05-01
Hogan, M & E., (arr.)God's Gonna Set This World on Fire1997-05-01
Byrd, W.Ave Verum Corpus1997-05-01
Copland, A., (arr.)Long Time Ago1997-05-01, 2004-05-01, 2008-05-01
Bach, J.S., (arr. Swingle)Bach Organ Fugue, BWV 5781997-05-01, 1999-05-01
Bach, J.S.Lobet den Herrn1997-05-01, 2000-11-01
Walton, W.Set Me As A Seal1997-11-01
Shur, B.Psalm 231997-11-01
Vittoria, TO Vos Omnes1997-11-01
Mussorgsky, M.Coronation Scene from Boris Godunov1997-11-01
Kedrov, N.Otche Nash (Our Father)1997-11-01, 1999-11-01, 2006-11-01
Kodály, ZoltanAgnus Dei1997-11-01
Heh, L.D., (arr. G. Chu)Lullaby1997-11-01
Fissinger, E.Set Me As A Seal1997-11-01, 2001-05-01, 2008-05-01
Enders, H.Russian Picnic1997-11-01
Casals, P.O Vos Omnes1997-11-01
Bloch, E.Sanctification (from Sacred Service)1997-11-01
Beethoven, Ludwig vanNinth Symphony1997-12-01, 1998-12-01, 2001-12-01, 1990-02-01
Tchaikovsky, P.I.Dance of the Snowflakes1997-12-01
Haydn, F.J.Lord Nelson Mass (Mass in D Minor)1998-03-01, 1980-05-01
Kodály, ZoltanMissa Brevis1998-03-01, 2009-03-01
Vecchi, O.Fa Una Canzona1998-05-01
Strauss, J.Blue Danube Waltz1998-05-01
Poulenc, F.Luire1998-05-01
Poulenc, F.Adieu Tristesse1998-05-01
Palmer, R.F.Not the Wind, Not the Flag1998-05-01
Miles, C.A.Dwelling in Beulah Land1998-05-01
Ligeti, G.Night & Morning1998-05-01
Handel, George FridericGalatea, Dry Thy Tears1998-05-01, 2004-11-01
Klouse, Andrea, (arr.)Prayer of the Children1998-05-01
Grieg, E.Four Psalms: Jesus Christ our Lord is risen1998-05-01
Grieg, E.Four Psalms: In heaven above1998-05-01
Grieg, E.Four Psalms: How fair is Thy face1998-05-01
Grieg, E.Four Psalms: God's Son hath set me free1998-05-01
Dawson, William, (arr.)There is a Balm in Gilead1998-05-01
Croce, G.Cantate Domino1998-05-01
Chu, G.Waking Dream1998-05-01
Brahms, JohannesO Süsser Mai! (O Lovely May!)1998-05-01
Ringwald, R., (arr.)Precious Lord1998-11-01
Raminsh, I.And I Think Over Again1998-11-01, 2003-05-01
Parker, H.Now Sinks the Sun1998-11-01, 1989-11-01, 1987-11-01
Mozart, W.A.Rex Tremendae (from Requiem)1998-11-01
Handel, George FridericYour Voices Tune1998-11-01, 2005-11-01
Barber, S.The Coolin'1998-11-01, 2005-11-01
Bitsch, MFour Variations on Theme of D. Scarlatti1998-11-01
Arban, J. B.Variations on a Tyrolean Song1998-11-01
Mozart, W.A.Requiem1999-03-01, 2007-03-01, 2009-11-01, 2011-07-30, 1985-11-01
Handel, George FridericZadok, the Priest1999-03-01, 1999-05-01, 2006-05-01, 1988-11-01
Thompson, R.Alleluia1999-05-01, 2004-05-01
Sullivan, A.When Love and Beauty1999-05-01, 2002-05-01
Scandello, A.A Little White Hen1999-05-01
Pearsall, R.Lay a Garland1999-05-01, 2002-05-01
Mulholland, J.A Red, Red Rose1999-05-01, 2006-05-01
Lauridsen, M.J.Dirait-on1999-05-01, 2008-05-01
Hallberg, (arr.)Domaredansen1999-05-01
Traditional, , Tsiganaizet1999-11-01
Traditional, , Niin On Laulu Neito Nuori1999-11-01
Traditional, , Sinisiiro Kultakiiro1999-11-01
Traditional, , Kazvatti Minuo Muamoin1999-11-01
Traditional, , Elama Juoksuhaudoissa1999-11-01
Stravinsky, IgorOtche Nash (Our Father)1999-11-01
Rachmaninoff, S.Slava vishnich (from Vespers)1999-11-01
Rachmaninoff, S.Hvalite Imia (from Vespers)1999-11-01
Rachmaninoff, S.Blazhen Mush (from Vespers)1999-11-01, 2005-05-01
Mussorgsky, M.Gde ti, Zviozdochka1999-11-01
Dvořák, A.Sanctus (from Te Deum)1999-11-01
Berlioz, H.Te Deum2000-01-01
Borodin, AleksandrPolovetsian Dance and Chorus (from Prince Igor)1999-11-01, 2001-11-01
Beethoven, Ludwig vanMissa Solemnis, Opus 1232000-03-01
Schubert, F.Hirtenchor2000-05-01
di Lasso, O.Tu Sai, Madonna Mia2000-05-01
di Lasso, O.O Occhi, Manza Mia2000-05-01
di Lasso, O.My Heart is Offered Still to You2000-05-01
Daley, E.In Remembrance2000-05-01, 2004-11-01
Traditional, HawaiianKona Kai Opura I Ka Lai2000-11-01
Brahms, JohannesLiebeslieder Waltzes (3 selections)2000-05-01
Reagon, B.J.I Be Your Water2000-11-01
Prospect, Southern FolktuneThe Lone, Wild Bird2000-11-01
Bruckner, A.Os Justi2000-11-01, 1983-05-01
Brahms, JohannesNanie2000-11-01, 2004-11-01
Poulenc, F.Gloria2001-03-01, 2006-03-01
Bach, J.S.Zion Hort (from Cantata No. 140)2000-11-01, 2004-11-01
Bayawi, N.W.Nasibi2000-11-01
Bach, J.S.Prelude and Fugue in C Major, BWV 5472001-03-01
Bach, J.S.Wachet Auf! (Cantata No. 140)2001-03-01
Thompson, R.Choose Something Like a Star2001-05-01, 2006-05-01
Sullivan, A.Mikado (selections) (Chamber)2001-05-01
Sullivan, A.Pirates of Penzance (selections) (Chamber)2001-05-01
Poulenc, F.Timor et Tremor2001-05-01
Palmer, R.F.In Yan Teopa2001-05-01
Berlioz, H.O Mon Ame2001-05-01, 1989-04-01
Debussy, C.Trois Chansons2001-05-01
Handel, George FridericDixit Dominus2001-05-01, 2003-03-01
Rachmaninoff, S.Rejoice, O Virgin (from Vespers)2001-11-01
Rachmaninoff, S.The Six Psalms (from Vespers)2001-11-01
Rachmaninoff, S.Bless the Lord, O My Soul (from Vespers)2001-11-01
Pascanu, A.Chindia2001-11-01
Chu, G.The New Colossus2001-11-01
Gretchaninoff, A.Otche Nash2001-11-01
Chesnokov, P.Salvation is Created2001-11-01
Borodin, AleksandrAh, What Raging Storm (from Prince Igor)2001-11-01
Bartok, B.Four Slovak Folk Songs2001-11-01
Brahms, JohannesRequiem2002-03-01, 1987-04-01
Wilbye, J.Lady, When I Behold2002-05-01
Rossini, G.I Gondolieri2002-05-01
Parry, Sir C. Hubert H.My Soul, There is a Country2002-05-01, 2014-03-08
Jennings, C.A Feast of Lanterns2002-05-01
Gibbons, O.Ah, Dear Heart (Chamber)2002-05-01
Fissinger, E., (arr.)Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho2002-05-01, 2008-05-01
Farmer, J.Fair Phyllis I Saw (Chamber)2002-05-01
Fissinger, E.By the Waters of Babylon2002-05-01
Donizetti, G.Barcarola2002-05-01
Chatman, S.The Urchin's Dance2002-05-01
Chatman, S.In the Glow of the Moon2002-05-01, 2008-05-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphReconciliation2002-11-01
Schutz, H.Die mit Trainen Saen2002-11-01
Gorecki, H.Totus Tuus2002-11-01
Carissimi, G.Plorate Filii Israel2002-11-01
Beethoven, Ludwig vanElegischer Gesang2002-11-01
Barber, S.Agnus Dei2002-11-01
Vivaldi, AntonioGloria2003-03-01, 2014-07-26
Whitacre, EricWater Night2003-05-01, 2005-05-01
Monteverdi, C.Ecco Mormorar L'Onde2003-05-01, 2005-05-01
Orff, C.Veris Leta Facies2003-05-01
Fauré, G.Pavane2003-05-01, 2008-05-01
Franck, C.Quelle Angoisse Extreme2003-05-01
Lundvik, H.Nocturnes2003-05-01
Elgar, Sir Edward W.The Shower2003-05-01
de la Halle, A.Kom, Du Ljuva2003-05-01
Bernstein, LeonardDream With Me2003-05-01, 2005-05-01
Theodorakis, M.Vegetaciones (from Canto General)2003-11-01, 2007-11-01
Stroope, Z.R.Amor de Mi Alma2003-11-01, 2005-11-01, 2008-05-01
Palmer, R.F.Elegy2003-11-01
Schubert, F.Where Art and Love of Beauty2003-11-01
Dvořák, A.Eia Mater (from Stabat Mater)2003-11-01
Kodály, ZoltanPsalm 1212003-11-01
Handel, George FridericIsrael in Egypt2004-03-01, 1981-05-01
Maud, A.The Clouded Morning2004-05-01
Paulus, StephenThe Road Home2004-05-01, 2011-02-27
Dawson, William, (arr.)Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit (Chamber)2004-05-01
Hairston, J., (arr.)Poor Man Lazrus (Chamber)2004-05-01
Carter, E.Heart Not So Heavy As Mine2004-05-01
Burleigh, H.T., (arr.)Ezekiel Saw de Wheel (Chamber)2004-05-01
Burleigh, H.T., (arr.)My Lord, What A Mornin' (Chamber)2004-05-01
Billings, W.Psalm Forty-Two2004-05-01
Boulanger, L.Hymne au Soleil2004-05-01, 2007-05-01
Alexander, E.when faces called flowers float out of the ground2004-05-01
Whitacre, Erici will wade out2004-11-01, 2006-11-01
Guastavino, C.En los Surcos del Amor2004-11-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphSilence and Music2005-05-01
Orban, G.O, Mistress Mine!2005-05-01
Brahms, JohannesLiebeslieder Waltzes (#4,8,9,10,11,14,15,16) (Chamber)2005-05-01
Whalum, W., (arr. Spiritual)The Lily of the Valley2005-11-01
Sanchez, D.Pregones del Altiplano2005-11-01
Parker, A., (arr. Irish folksong)Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye2005-11-01
Guastavino, C.Gala del Dia2005-11-01
Guastavino, C.Viento Norte2005-11-01
Guastavino, C.Chanarcito2005-11-01, 2007-11-01
Palmer, R.F.Wild Roses (Chamber Choir)2006-05-01
Handl, J.Ecce Quomodo2006-05-01
Elgar, Sir Edward W., (arr. J. Cameron)Lux Aeterna2006-05-01
Barber, S.Under the Willow Tree2006-05-01
Culloton, M., (arr. VIDA)Famine Song2006-05-01
Whitacre, Erichope, faith, life, love2006-11-01
Scarlatti, D.Sancta Mater and Amen from Stabat Mater2006-11-01
Verdi, GiuseppePater Noster2006-11-01
Paulus, StephenPilgrims' Hymn2006-11-01
Scarlatti, D.Stabat Mater2007-03-01
Childs, D.Sonnet of the Moon2006-11-01
Somers, H., (arr. Newfoundland folk song)Feller From Fortune2007-05-01
Young, R.H.The Nightingale (Chamber Singers)2007-05-01
Sherwin, M., (arr. G. Puerling)A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square2007-05-01
Petker, A.Come to Me, O My Love (Chamber Singers)2007-05-01
Saëns, C. SaintCalme de Nuits2007-05-01
Pärt, A.Bogoróditse Djévo2007-05-01
Dinerstein, NAn Old Silent Pond2007-05-01
Ginsberg, N., (arr. Irish folk song)Gartan Mother's Lullaby2007-05-01
Bartholomew, G.The Tree (Chamber Singers)2007-05-01
Barnett, C., (arr. Spiritual)My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord2007-05-01
Alexander, E.Do Not Leave Your Cares at the Door2007-05-01
Noble, R.Las Mananitas2007-11-01
Paulus, StephenWe Gather Together2007-11-01
Guastavino, C.Se Equivoco la Paloma2007-11-01
Lauridsen, M.J.Soneto de la Noche2007-11-01
Britten, BenjaminHallelujah (from Rejoice in the Lamb)2007-11-01
Duruflé, M.Requiem2008-03-01, 1989-04-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphToward the Unknown Region2008-11-01
Finzi, GeraldMy Spirit Sang All Day (Chamber Singers)2008-11-01
Bárdos, L.Cantemus! (Chamber Singers)2008-11-01
Carissimi, G.Jephta2008-11-01, 1980-11-01
Ames, RogerWhere the Seasons Take Us2008-11-01
Ames, RogerLet There Be Joy!2008-11-01
Vaughan Williams, RalphLord, Thou Hast Been Our Refuge2009-03-01, 2014-03-08
Howells, H.Four Anthems "In Time of War"2009-03-01
Rutter, J.Requiem2009-05-01
Britten, BenjaminFestival Te Deum2009-03-01, 1984-05-01
Lauridsen, M.J.Lux Aeterna2009-05-01
Mendelssohn, FelixElijah2010-05-01, 2016-08-06
Orff, CarlCarmina Burana2010-07-24
Pinkham, DanielThe Saints Preserve Us!2010-11-20
Britten, BenjaminSaint Nicolas, Opus 422010-11-20
Haydn, Franz JosephMissa Sancti Nicolai2010-11-20
Wilberg, Mack, (arr.)Saints Bound for Heaven2011-02-27
Key, Francis ScottThe Star-Spangled Banner2011-02-27
Copland, Aaron"The Promise of Living" from The Tender Land2011-02-27
Hanson, HowardSymphony No. 7 "A Sea Symphony"2011-02-27
Ames, Roger, (arr.)Erie Canal2011-02-27
Ames, Roger, (arr.)Down by the Riverside2011-02-27
Ames, Roger, (arr.)Shenandoah2011-02-27
Ames, Roger, (Libretto Bernard Kaplan)Remember Warsaw2011-05-15
Sondheim, Stephen, (arr. Robert Page)Not While I'm Around2011-11-20
Schumann, RobertRomanzen für Frauenstimmen I, Op. 692011-11-20
Rodgers, RichardSing for Your Supper2011-11-20
Reynolds, Malvina, (arr. René Clausen)Turn Around2011-11-20
Nesta, Francis J.The Argument2011-11-20
Knecht, KurtManly Men2011-11-20
Gershwin, GeorgeLet's Call the Whole Thing Off2011-11-20
Foster, Stephen, (arr. Donald Moore)Hard Times Come Again No More2011-11-20
Dickau, DavidIf Music be the Food of Love2011-11-20
Coleman, Cy, (arr. Carolyn Leigh)Hey, Look Me Over2011-11-20
Britten, BenjaminThe Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard2011-11-20
Berlin, IrvingOld Fashioned Wedding2011-11-20
Berlin, IrvingAnything You Can Do2011-11-20
Handel, George FridericEsther2012-03-11
Handel, George FridericMy Heart is Inditing2012-03-11
Vaughan Williams, RalphSweet Day2012-05-05
Vaughan Williams, RalphCa' the Yowes2012-05-05
Vaughan Williams, RalphSerenade to Music2012-05-05
Rutter, JohnGloria2012-07-28
Purcell, HenryDido & Aeneas2012-11-04
Purcell, HenryWelcome to all the Pleasures2012-11-04
Thomas, David EvanIn the Country of Baseball2013-03-17
Schuman, WilliamCasey at the Bat2013-03-17
Kleinsinger, GeorgeBrooklyn Baseball Cantata2013-03-17
Brahms, JohannesEin Deutsches Requiem, Op. 452013-05-11, 2017-08-05
Brahms, JohannesPsalm 13, Op. 272013-05-11
Brahms, JohannesAve Maria, Op. 122013-05-11
Stravinsky, IgorSymphony of Psalms2013-07-27
Bernstein, LeonardChichester Psalms2013-07-27, 2015-05-16, 1986-11-01
Whitbourn, JamesAnnelies2013-11-24
McCullough, DonaldWe Remember Them2013-11-24
Parry, Sir C. Hubert H.Jerusalem2014-03-08
Parry, Sir C. Hubert H.I Was Glad2014-03-08
Nicholson, Sir Sydney H.Beloved, Let Us Love One Another2014-03-08
Holst, GustavI Vow to Thee, My Country2014-03-08
Handel, George FridericSelections from the Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline2014-03-08
Hadley, PatrickNightfall2014-03-08
Elgar, Sir Edward W.The Snow2014-03-08
Elgar, Sir Edward W.As Torrents In Summer2014-03-08
Dale, BenjaminCrossing the Bar2014-03-08
Arne, ThomasRule, Britannia!2014-03-08
McCullough, DonaldLet My People Go!2014-05-10
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